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PrecinctDistrict NameDistrict Reported
20011Lower Makefield Twp North 1Yes
20012Lower Makefield Twp North 2Yes
20013Lower Makefield Twp North 3Yes
20014Lower Makefield Twp North 4Yes
20015Lower Makefield Twp North 5Yes
20016Lower Makefield Twp North 6Yes
20021Lower Makefield Twp South 1Yes
20022Lower Makefield Twp South 2Yes
20023Lower Makefield Twp South 3Yes
20024Lower Makefield Twp South 4Yes
20025Lower Makefield Twp South 5Yes
20026Lower Makefield Twp South 6Yes
20027Lower Makefield Twp South 7Yes
20028Lower Makefield Twp South 8Yes
20029Lower Makefield Twp South 9Yes
24010Morrisville Boro 1stYes
24020Morrisville Boro 2ndYes
24030Morrisville Boro 3rdYes
28010Newtown Boro 1stYes
28020Newtown Boro 2ndYes
29010Newtown Twp 1Yes
29020Newtown Twp 2Yes
29030Newtown Twp 3Yes
29040Newtown Twp 4Yes
29050Newtown Twp 5Yes
29060Newtown Twp 6Yes
29070Newtown Twp 7Yes
29080Newtown Twp 8Yes
54000Yardley BoroYes
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