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PrecinctDistrict NameDistrict Reported
07000Chalfont BoroYes
26021New Britain Twp West 1Yes
26022New Britain Twp West 2Yes
26031New Britain Twp South 1Yes
26032New Britain Twp South 2Yes
50010Warrington Twp 1Yes
50020Warrington Twp 2Yes
50030Warrington Twp 3Yes
50040Warrington Twp 4Yes
50050Warrington Twp 5Yes
50060Warrington Twp 6Yes
50070Warrington Twp 7Yes
50080Warrington Twp 8Yes
51010Warwick Twp 1Yes
51020Warwick Twp 2Yes
51030Warwick Twp 3Yes
51040Warwick Twp 4Yes
51050Warwick Twp 5Yes
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