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Bristol Township

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Precinct District Name District Reported
05011Bristol Twp 1st 1stNo
05012Bristol Twp 1st 2ndNo
05013Bristol Twp 1st 3rdNo
05021Bristol Twp 2nd 1stNo
05022Bristol Twp 2nd 2ndNo
05023Bristol Twp 2nd 3rdNo
05031Bristol Twp 3rd 1stNo
05032Bristol Twp 3rd 2ndNo
05033Bristol Twp 3rd 3rdNo
05041Bristol Twp 4th 1stNo
05042Bristol Twp 4th 2ndNo
05043Bristol Twp 4th 3rdNo
05051Bristol Twp 5th 1stNo
05052Bristol Twp 5th 2ndNo
05061Bristol Twp 6th 1stNo
05062Bristol Twp 6th 2ndNo
05063Bristol Twp 6th 3rdNo
05071Bristol Twp 7th 1stNo
05072Bristol Twp 7th 2ndNo
05081Bristol Twp 8th 1stNo
05082Bristol Twp 8th 2ndNo
05091Bristol Twp 9th 1stNo
05092Bristol Twp 9th 2ndNo
05093Bristol Twp 9th 3rdNo
05101Bristol Twp 10th 1stNo
05102Bristol Twp 10th 2ndNo
05103Bristol Twp 10th 3rdNo
05111Bristol Twp 11th 1stNo
05112Bristol Twp 11th 2ndNo
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