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Falls Township

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Precinct District Name District Reported
13011Falls Twp 1st 1stYes
13012Falls Twp 1st 2ndYes
13013Falls Twp 1st 3rdYes
13014Falls Twp 1st 4thYes
13015Falls Twp 1st 5thYes
13016Falls Twp 1st 6thYes
13017Falls Twp 1st 7thYes
13021Falls Twp 2nd 1stYes
13022Falls Twp 2nd 2ndYes
13031Falls Twp 3rd 1stYes
13032Falls Twp 3rd 2ndYes
13041Falls Twp 4th 1stYes
13042Falls Twp 4th 2ndYes
13043Falls Twp 4th 3rdYes
13044Falls Twp 4th 4thYes
13045Falls Twp 4th 5thYes
13046Falls Twp 4th 6thYes
13047Falls Twp 4th 7thYes
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