Colleen Strunk
Bedminster Twp East191
Bedminster Twp West162
Bensalem Twp Lower East 192
Bensalem Twp Lower East 285
Bensalem Twp Lower East 356
Bensalem Twp Lower East 426
Bensalem Twp Lower East 5143
Bensalem Twp Lower East 662
Bensalem Twp Lower East 798
Bensalem Twp Lower East 854
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 179
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 287
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 3129
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 428
Bensalem Twp Lower Middle 529
Bensalem Twp Lower West54
Bensalem Twp Upper West80
Bensalem Twp Upper 1180
Bensalem Twp Upper 251
Bensalem Twp Upper 325
Bensalem Twp Upper 454
Bensalem Twp Upper 567
Bensalem Twp Upper 660
Bensalem Twp Upper 754
Bensalem Twp Upper 840
Bensalem Twp Upper 993
Bensalem Twp Upper 10110
Bensalem Twp Upper 11125
Bensalem Twp Upper 1257
Bridgeton Twp33
Bristol Boro North 18
Bristol Boro North 212
Bristol Boro East 128
Bristol Boro East 226
Bristol Boro West 19
Bristol Boro West 229
Bristol Boro West 39
Bristol Boro South 110
Bristol Boro South 29
Bristol Boro South 32
Bristol Twp 1st 1st48
Bristol Twp 1st 2nd29
Bristol Twp 1st 3rd29
Bristol Twp 2nd 1st31
Bristol Twp 2nd 2nd14
Bristol Twp 2nd 3rd19
Bristol Twp 3rd 1st17
Bristol Twp 3rd 2nd20
Bristol Twp 3rd 3rd14
Bristol Twp 4th 1st30
Bristol Twp 4th 2nd28
Bristol Twp 4th 3rd20
Bristol Twp 5th 1st31
Bristol Twp 5th 2nd11
Bristol Twp 6th 1st30
Bristol Twp 6th 2nd10
Bristol Twp 6th 3rd10
Bristol Twp 7th 1st36
Bristol Twp 7th 2nd25
Bristol Twp 8th 1st23
Bristol Twp 8th 2nd21
Bristol Twp 9th 1st38
Bristol Twp 9th 2nd34
Bristol Twp 9th 3rd34
Bristol Twp 10th 1st24
Bristol Twp 10th 2nd27
Bristol Twp 10th 3rd17
Bristol Twp 11th 1st22
Bristol Twp 11th 2nd27
Buckingham Twp Lower 159
Buckingham Twp Lower 295
Buckingham Twp Middle 165
Buckingham Twp Middle 232
Buckingham Twp Upper 177
Buckingham Twp Upper 272
Buckingham Twp Upper 332
Buckingham Twp Upper 454
Chalfont Boro229
Doylestown Boro 1st 1st55
Doylestown Boro 1st 2nd51
Doylestown Boro 2nd 1st46
Doylestown Boro 2nd 2nd75
Doylestown Boro 3rd 1st34
Doylestown Boro 3rd 2nd34
Doylestown Twp 162
Doylestown Twp 270
Doylestown Twp 377
Doylestown Twp 442
Doylestown Twp 569
Doylestown Twp 691
Doylestown Twp 772
Doylestown Twp 862
Dublin Boro46
Durham Twp127
East Rockhill Twp 177
East Rockhill Twp 282
Falls Twp 1st 1st40
Falls Twp 1st 2nd30
Falls Twp 1st 3rd31
Falls Twp 1st 4th32
Falls Twp 1st 5th22
Falls Twp 1st 6th35
Falls Twp 1st 7th18
Falls Twp 2nd 1st29
Falls Twp 2nd 2nd32
Falls Twp 3rd 1st18
Falls Twp 3rd 2nd26
Falls Twp 4th 1st21
Falls Twp 4th 2nd13
Falls Twp 4th 3rd19
Falls Twp 4th 4th15
Falls Twp 4th 5th18
Falls Twp 4th 6th9
Falls Twp 4th 7th13
Haycock Twp120
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 191
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 248
Hilltown Twp Blooming Glen 360
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 163
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 258
Hilltown Twp Fairhill 2A1
Hilltown Twp Hilltown98
Hulmeville Boro44
Ivyland Boro55
Langhorne Boro46
Langhorne Manor Boro47
Lower Makefield Twp North 157
Lower Makefield Twp North 259
Lower Makefield Twp North 389
Lower Makefield Twp North 465
Lower Makefield Twp North 559
Lower Makefield Twp North 649
Lower Makefield Twp South 168
Lower Makefield Twp South 234
Lower Makefield Twp South 374
Lower Makefield Twp South 488
Lower Makefield Twp South 550
Lower Makefield Twp South 624
Lower Makefield Twp South 781
Lower Makefield Twp South 850
Lower Makefield Twp South 941
Lower Southampton Twp East 165
Lower Southampton Twp East 270
Lower Southampton Twp East 389
Lower Southampton Twp East 494
Lower Southampton Twp East 575
Lower Southampton Twp West 135
Lower Southampton Twp West 249
Lower Southampton Twp West 350
Lower Southampton Twp West 446
Lower Southampton Twp West 538
Lower Southampton Twp West 648
Lower Southampton Twp West 732
Middletown Twp Lower 182
Middletown Twp Lower 259
Middletown Twp Lower 361
Middletown Twp Lower 430
Middletown Twp Lower 567
Middletown Twp Lower 657
Middletown Twp Lower 753
Middletown Twp Lower 859
Middletown Twp Lower 967
Middletown Twp Lower 1087
Middletown Twp Lower 1144
Middletown Twp Lower 1246
Middletown Twp Lower 1347
Middletown Twp Upper 154
Middletown Twp Upper 240
Middletown Twp Upper 377
Middletown Twp Upper 467
Middletown Twp Upper 573
Middletown Twp Upper 666
Middletown Twp Upper 760
Middletown Twp Upper 853
Middletown Twp Upper 996
Milford Twp Roeder49
Milford Twp Roseville82
Milford Twp Shelly111
Milford Twp Trumbauersville163
Morrisville Boro 1st50
Morrisville Boro 2nd51
Morrisville Boro 3rd58
Morrisville Boro 4th51
New Britain Boro84
New Britain Twp East91
New Britain Twp West 169
New Britain Twp West 273
New Britain Twp West 2A6
New Britain Twp South 179
New Britain Twp South 267
New Hope Boro36
Newtown Boro 1st112
Newtown Boro 2nd104
Newtown Twp 163
Newtown Twp 290
Newtown Twp 384
Newtown Twp 451
Newtown Twp 571
Newtown Twp 694
Newtown Twp 7102
Newtown Twp 864
Nockamixon Twp Nockamixon41
Nockamixon Twp Revere51
Northampton Twp 1177
Northampton Twp 292
Northampton Twp 360
Northampton Twp 4156
Northampton Twp 5142
Northampton Twp 6129
Northampton Twp 7113
Northampton Twp 8124
Northampton Twp 9141
Northampton Twp 1060
Northampton Twp 11133
Northampton Twp 12148
Northampton Twp 13129
Northampton Twp 1496
Northampton Twp 15209
Northampton Twp 1659
Northampton Twp 1786
Northampton Twp 1891
Penndel Boro68
Perkasie Boro 1st124
Perkasie Boro 2nd90
Perkasie Boro 3rd100
Plumstead Twp 191
Plumstead Twp 277
Plumstead Twp 370
Plumstead Twp 479
Plumstead Twp 549
Quakertown Boro 1st 1st68
Quakertown Boro 1st 2nd78
Quakertown Boro 2nd40
Quakertown Boro 3rd85
Quakertown Boro 4th66
Richland Twp 1268
Richland Twp 2185
Richland Twp 3141
Richland Twp 4148
Richlandtown Boro50
Riegelsville Boro30
Sellersville Boro 1st35
Sellersville Boro 2nd12
Sellersville Boro 3rd53
Silverdale Boro34
Solebury Twp Lower 160
Solebury Twp Lower 266
Solebury Twp Middle97
Solebury Twp Upper126
Springfield Twp East104
Springfield Twp Middle143
Springfield Twp West106
Telford Boro54
Tinicum Twp Delaware39
Tinicum Twp Tinicum53
Tinicum Twp Tohickon49
Trumbauersville Boro42
Tullytown Boro21
Upper Makefield Twp 166
Upper Makefield Twp 264
Upper Makefield Twp 375
Upper Makefield Twp 465
Upper Southampton Twp East 171
Upper Southampton Twp East 294
Upper Southampton Twp North 126
Upper Southampton Twp North 273
Upper Southampton Twp North 345
Upper Southampton Twp North 459
Upper Southampton Twp South 187
Upper Southampton Twp South 255
Upper Southampton Twp West 152
Upper Southampton Twp West 267
Warminster Twp 142
Warminster Twp 223
Warminster Twp 388
Warminster Twp 488
Warminster Twp 5100
Warminster Twp 689
Warminster Twp 7113
Warminster Twp 8114
Warminster Twp 9117
Warminster Twp 1070
Warminster Twp 11137
Warminster Twp 12154
Warminster Twp 13122
Warminster Twp 14263
Warminster Twp 1573
Warminster Twp 1628
Warminster Twp 1742
Warrington Twp 168
Warrington Twp 298
Warrington Twp 343
Warrington Twp 467
Warrington Twp 564
Warrington Twp 674
Warrington Twp 798
Warrington Twp 879
Warwick Twp 144
Warwick Twp 278
Warwick Twp 338
Warwick Twp 484
Warwick Twp 567
West Rockhill Twp Argus52
West Rockhill Twp Rockhill131
Wrightstown Twp83
Yardley Boro75
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