Representative in the General Assembly 143

Tim Brennan
Wendy Ullman
Bedminster Twp East68112
Bedminster Twp West82106
Bridgeton Twp5070
Buckingham Twp Upper 1119122
Buckingham Twp Upper 37164
Doylestown Boro 1st 1st15876
Doylestown Boro 1st 2nd11690
Doylestown Boro 2nd 1st11343
Doylestown Boro 2nd 2nd19189
Doylestown Boro 3rd 1st11647
Doylestown Boro 3rd 2nd9755
Doylestown Twp 111567
Doylestown Twp 28061
Doylestown Twp 310184
Doylestown Twp 48066
Doylestown Twp 5122121
Doylestown Twp 6161126
Doylestown Twp 77781
Doylestown Twp 88264
Durham Twp2362
Haycock Twp8871
Nockamixon Twp Nockamixon3998
Nockamixon Twp Revere2839
Plumstead Twp 161150
Plumstead Twp 26697
Plumstead Twp 347100
Plumstead Twp 4120147
Plumstead Twp 541111
Riegelsville Boro4939
Tinicum Twp Delaware25107
Tinicum Twp Tinicum3377
Tinicum Twp Tohickon4981
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